Welcome to News Around My Neck

There’s something about a good bar.

And I don’t mean the franchised bar and grills where the insufferable post-yuppies can dine on licensed food creations and suck on flavored martinis. I mean a good old-fashioned corner bar. The ones where the music was never played too loud, where you could buy a pack of cigs right over the bar, and where the pool table only cost a quarter per play.

The kind of bar where stories – real stories – are told.

Stories of consequence. Stories that actually mattered to people, with no sanitization. Politically incorrect, frank, candid, pure, unexpurgated, non-pasteurized, unprocessed, don’t give a rat’s ass whether it will play in Peoria, and slightly tinged with one beer and one shot too many STORIES. Where the fates of men and women hung in the balance, where the heroes were larger than life, the deeds were Herculean and the idiots were dumber than snot on a doorknob.

Those are the kinds of stories I try to find every day, and those are the kinds of stories I’ll comment on here. The only assurances I can offer are:

  1. I won’t pull punches.
  2. It won’t be elegant.
  3. It won’t be eloquent.
  4. I might smoke a few cigs while I write it.
  5. I will definitely have a few drinks while I write it.
  6. I don’t really care how history will judge me or my words.
  7. I will call anyone on their bull and I welcome anyone to call me on mine.

All I know is that the news cycle is a study in Darwinism the likes of which shakes people’s confidence in humanity daily. In this space, I’ll take on all the crap that’s out there and try to shed a little light on the ironies that inspire our ire and our outrage. I won’t lean right, nor will I lean left. I’ll simply calls them as I sees them, and let people fit the square peg in the round hole at their leisure and on their own time.

So, treat these pages like you would a good corner bar. Have a drink and some chips and let the opinions fly like feathers at a cockfight. Through the chaos, if we’re lucky, we might trip over the truth every now and then.

Tony Panaccio, July 16, 2012